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The Ring 12 lending library is available to all members. Books can be checked out at our monthly meetings. Below are lists of the books available.

Library Books

A listing of all of the books available in our library.

Lecture Notes

A listing of all of the lecture notes available in our library.

DVD Library

A listing of the DVDs in our library.

We offer links to the following websites that might be useful in your pursuit of all things magical. Gene Gordon-Karl Norman Ring 12 does not endouse, nor are we responsible for any content on these sites.

 NEW: Download FREE vintage posters that you can print at home or take to a office supply store and have them print large sheet posters. Just click on the “Circus” button to see posters of Houdini, Thurston, Newmann, Kellar, Neff, Alexander  to name a few.

International Brotherhood of Magicians

The IBM website provides general information on the organization and is a useful resource for aspiring magicians, or those interesting in learning more. The dues for joining the IBM are now $75.00.

 Society of American Magicians

SAM boasts membership over 30,000 globally and ideals including the elevation of the art of magic, harmony among magicians and opposition to the unnecessary public exposure of magical effects.

IBM Ring 2100

Magic is online, too! IBM members can keep in touch with other magicians around the world using the global electronic ring.

TV Magic Guide

An up-to-the-minute guide of magic and magicians on television. Updated daily.

Magic Tutorials
Magic tutorials sent to you twice a month. Free.


IBM Application
Download an application for the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The Dues are now $75.00 a link to the online application is:

Ring 12 Application
Download an application for Gene Gordon-Karl Norman Ring 12

King of Spades Award Application

Download an application for the King of Spades Award

Archives of Past October 1952 Hocus Pocus

Take a look at what the Hocus Pocus from October 1952

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