Presidents Message

President’s Message

September, 2017

President’s Letter

It is an honor for me to be President of Ring 12 for the upcoming year, I hope I can keep the good times rolling. There are many people I have to thank. First and foremost a big thank you to Brian Blake for leading and organizing the Ring for the past 2 years. Most of us can only last one year as president but Brian did a second year to continue and finish the work he stated in the first year. Say Thank You to Brian when you see him during the meeting. Secondly, Thank You to the Board of Directors for their nomination as President for the program year of 2017-2018. It is a great honor. Thank You to all the members of GENE GORDON-KARL NORMAN IBM RING 12. We have been told time and time again from lecturers, guests and other magicians that this is one of the finest magic organizations and it is because of all our members. Mike Ihrig, who has visited every ring in New York State as Territorial Vice-President told us at the June meeting that this ring is the most active and the finest ring in the territory. Again, it is because of you, the members.

The Operating Handbook has been updated and is posted on line at the Web site. This document includes a list the various committees and their responsibilities. If you would like to get involved in one (or more) committees, please contact myself or one of the other Board of Directors.

Congratulations to the board of directors elected at the June meeting, Jake Weiland, Scott Hood, Todd Nelson and myself. As the President of Ring 12, I have vacated my seat on the Board and have appointed Rosemary Maloney-Hoffman to carry out the remainder of my term on the Board of Directors. Thank you Rosemary for all of your work in the past, and for accepting the appointment to the Board. Our Board of Directors have elected Todd Nelson as your new Vice-President of Ring 12. Todd has been a past president of the ring and I am very happy to have him at my side.

New Board lineup is

President Ed Barszcz
Vice President Todd Nelson
Secretary Doc Geckler
Treasurer Bill Darnell

Brian Blake
Mike Harmon
Tim Harrington
Scott Hood
Larry KohorstÂ
Jim MaloneyÂ
Rosemary Maloney-Hoffman
Jim ONeill
Ake Weiland
Tony Weiland

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact any of the board members.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming year with Ring 12. I know we will all work together to move our Ring forward this year, and if you have any thoughts, comments or criticism, please let me know.


Magically yours

Ed Barszcz


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