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Next Meeting is September 11 – Chris Mayhew 

Don’t forget the Screening room has moved to the Boulevard Mall. Entrance is off the Alberta Dr. Parking lot.

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August Birthdays
August 3    Tim Harrington
August 6    Jim Hyland
August 10  Ryan Martinucci
August 10  Helen Wismer
August 16  Jim O’Neill
August 21  Dave Wiedemer
August 25  John Tykoliz
August 28  Andrew McLaughlin 
September Birthdays
September 2     Mike Ihrig
September 13   Jim Ray
September 24   Gary Rog
September 25   Dennis Gesel
Happy Birthday
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey but I turned myself around.
Member Profile
 Hello, Ring 12 members. For those of you who do not know me my name is Michael Harmon. I started learning magic at 9 years old with the help of a professional magician David Dejac who used to come to my house every Saturday to give me private lessons. Close-up with coins has become one of my favorites to both learn and perform. I have performed for a few friends birthday parties basically for the practice. That lasted for a few years and I guess you can say that life got in the way. I have always loved magic throughout my life however, I got away from learning and practicing it for about 35 years.Then about a little over a year ago, a friend told me he had a client that does magic that I definitely had to check out. That is how I met Tony Weiland and for the first time was introduced to our local Ring. When I was younger I spent a lot of time at Howards Hocus Pocus Magic shop on Hertel Ave. in Buffalo I certainly spent a lot of paper route money there. I also visited The Four Jokers a few times when I was quite a bit older and could drive. As a new member, I can tell you it’s very hard to meet and learn a little something about our members that most only see once a month at a lecture. So we are starting a new column in our monthly newsletter to allow you to introduce yourself. I am asking you to please consider taking a few minutes and write a paragraph or two about yourself to be published in one of our monthly newsletters.Please send your email to: HocusPocus@ring12.orgMagically yours,Mike Harmon
If anyone has any announcements to make contact Ed Barszcz.