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Regular Meeting: June 6th at the Screening Room. Simon Black

Chicago’s fastest rising star in the magic community, Simon Black joins us for an At The Table Experience. Simon is one of the younger artists we have featured on At The Table and soon you’ll see why. Simon has rapidly proven himself to be amongst the top sleight-of-hand card guys in the industry. With his fast-paced mind and even quicker hands, he’s been able to add improvements on some of the most daunting sleights out there. Simon joins us for his very first lecture, where he’ll be teaching you his work on his Swivel Technique, Paradigm Shift, Cover Pass, Bertram Change, and too much more to list here. Each session that we spend with Simon is an enlightening card handler’s party. His moves are as smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy. Flourishy, flashy magic which, once mastered, is sure to impress and astound your close-up audience.

Bonus Lecture June 27thRAFAEL BENATAR at the Screening Room.Rafael Benatar was born in Venezuela and currently lives in Spain. He is one of the most active members of the prestigious Escuela Mágica de Madrid and one of the foremost writers and lecturers in the Spanish-speaking scene. He is also one of the few magicians that performs regularly in all three rooms of the Magic Castle. He has also prepared the Spanish editions of many classics of magic such as the Corinda and Kaplan books and has contributed to many publications.


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May Babies
Daniel Grayson     14
Michel Fontaine    31
Shirley Weiland    31
June Babies

Michael Joseph                                 7

George Fidel                                     10

Scott Hood                                        10

Mark Falzone                                    16

Victor Trabucco                                19

Rosemary Maloney-Hoffman           28


July Babies

Rian Lehman                                    11

William Price                                    18

Matthew Whittaker                           20

Kyle Jasin                                        23

Willis Utter                                       24

Mike Baron                                      28

Mark Furney                                    29


August Babies

Timothy Harrington                         3

James O’Neill                                 16

David Wiedemer                             21

Robert Hengel                                25

John Tykoliz                                   25

Andrew McLaughlin                       28

 Happy Birthday
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