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November 3, 2014

Giving Thanks to our Magical Past.


Don’t forget, Dues are Due! Save $10.00 by paying before November 1st. $50.00 if Paid before November 1st, $60.00 if paid after November 1st.

October Birthdays
1   Robert Schifferle
3   Bill Butski
5   Robert Geckler
12 Tom Szwed
13 Bud Lorich
13 Dave Hoffman
15 Jack Ahlers
22 Ed Barszcz
24 Dave Oestreicher
29 John Ward
31 Laurie Bauer
November Birthdays
9  Larry Martinez
11 Dan Hamilton
14 Bill Darnell
24 Shlomo Birkan
Happy Birthday







If anyone has any announcements to make contact Ed Barszcz.