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December 7 Holiday Meeting

Shoot Ogawa and our Holiday Party

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 For another look  at Vic’s Teaching Table on the Elmsley Count click on the link below:
November Babies
Robert Geckler            5
Lawrence Martinez     9
Dan Hamilton              11William Darnell          14

Shlomo Birkan            24

December Babies

Bruce Baum           7

Michael Kugel        8

Eric Fiutak            14

Ted Burzynski      18

Harrison Carroll    25

Jeannette Ray       31

 Happy Birthday
Just in Thank You Rosemary & Dave
The Endowment and Development Fund

William E. Spooner – Chairman

PO Box 848

Blowing Rock, NC 28605





Dear Rosemary,

The trustees of the Endowment and Development Fund (EDF) are pleased to inform you that the Gene Gordon- Karl Norman Ring has been approved to receive a $1000 educational grant. Your application article is excellent. We will inform you when the article will be published in The Linking Ring. A check will be sent to you just prior the publication date.

The grant can be used for special lectures, charitable projects, youth educational development, etc. Funds can be used to pay a lecturer’s fee, room, food, etc. You may have other educational projects in mind. If you have questions about appropriate uses of the fund, please feel free to contact me. It is appropriate to acknowledge the EDF in any publicity supported by the grant.

The EDF is a 501 C-3 nonprofit charter with the Federal Government. We must file a 990 tax return with the IRS. You will soon receive a simple checklist form to complete and return to me at the conclusion of your grant period. We request that you apply the funds within 12 months from the date of issue. Do not worry about spending down to the last penny. Any small residual amount can be donated to a local charity such as SPCA etc.

Honor Rings will be recognized at the Annual Business Meeting during the 2016 San Antonio I.B.M. convention. Presidential Citations will be presented by the International President to Honor Ring recipients. Please inform me if someone from your ring will be present to accept the citation.

Please send me photographs, with names, of your ring officers and your ring members. Photographs do not need to include all members. The photos should be 300 DPI to insure quality printing with your Linking Ring article.

My best regards,

Bill Spooner




If anyone has any announcements to make contact Ed Barszcz.